agi & sam, london menswear's dynamic duo

The freshly named Emerging Menswear Designer award winners on the beauty and difficulty of creative collaboration.

by Steve Salter and Adam Fletcher
03 December 2013, 2:15pm

Agi & Sam by Nik Hartley

Meeting over a crowded intern workspace at Alexander McQueen, Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton took an instant dislike to one another. The course of true love never did run smooth and as mutual disdain faded, the pair embarked on a midsummer daydream with Agi & Sam. Today, shrouded in an aura of print mystery, they are the all-conquering dynamic duo who leapt from Fashion East to standalone NEWGEN shows with ease. Unmasked as the seasonal superheroes of LC:M following their first standalone show, the pair celebrated with the Emerging Menswear Designer Award at last night's British Fashion Awards. Here's how they make it work. 

What one word would you choose to describe each other?
Sam: Emotionless?
Agi: Needy?

If you hadn't met, what would you be designing alone?
A: My own work was relatively similar to what we're known for but it's more grown up and better executed now. I've always loved clashing colour and print but I'm absolutely terrible at Photoshop. I would struggle to create the ideas I had. I need Sam.
S: I'd just be doing print for another designer. If I did venture into design it would be monochrome.

Could you each write a fake lonely hearts ad for the other?
A: Dependable, petite male, 26, interested in sports, science and little else WLTM warm caring older woman who enjoys cuddles and cooking. Sugar momma preferred?
S: Unexcitable guy looking for girl with BACK. Passionate dancer. Up for LOLZ.

How do you think your differences have influenced the evolution of the label?
A: We have taken elements from each other and attempted to make the most out of our differences.
S: As we mature and learn, the label is doing the same.

How do you feel looking at and talking about a collection after it's walked a show?
A: Like I never want to see it again. Thankfully this only usually lasts a certain amount of time before it starts growing on me again.
S: Part relief, part exhileration and part detest. 

What have you learnt from each other?
S: To chill out.?
A: To think carefully before going into business with an only child.


Text Steve Salter
Photography Nik Hartley

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