eenie, meanie, miny, mø!

Karen Marie Ørsted, aka singer songstress MØ, is the biggest thing to have come out of Denmark since Brigitte Nielsen circa 1980 and we can’t get enough!

by Jack Borkett
02 September 2014, 8:10am

Nick Dorey

Jumper Carven. Shorts MØ's own.

MØ's debut album No Mythologies To Follow is forever on repeat at i-D HQ, so when the Danish pop star asked us to create the music video for her single Walk This Way we were over the moon. Dancing around on set, the uber babe had us all wooning as she treated us to a couple of cheeky live renditions. "As a kid I was into all kinds of cheesy pop and my biggest heroes were definitely the Spice Girls," she smiles. Merging this childhood love with her own punky musical past, MØ's passion for Sonic Youth shines through in both her music and conversation. She name-checks Kim Gordon at least eight times before changing the subject for fear that, "people will think I'm freaky!"

About as individual and energetic as you can get, MØ is all short skirts and high ponytails. With a refreshingly honest and carefree attitude, she has so far managed to avoid the soulless forced production and mass marketing of her teen idols, even admitting that the thought of writing the next song is what gets her through the day.

So, what's it like being a young girl in the music world? "We get so much attention!" she laughs. "No, my serious answer would be that while it's super fun, it's okay to ask for a single room when you're touring with five stinky but wonderful boys seven days a week!" Talking of touring, working her way through a series of sold out American dates must be pretty fun for someone who describes themselves as restless, dreamy and energetic. "If it's been a good gig, I feel almost invincible for a short moment!" MØ beams, before adding that this is also when she feels sexiest. An excellent example of girl power, MØ is a rising star with plenty of zig-a-zig-ahh! "Oooh" she exclaims, her face lighting up."When I've just done a workout and stand in front of the mirror in a tight outfit flashing my muscles! I Love to do that to feel sexy too!" 

Dressed simply in shredded denim hotpants and a jumper, there is no fashion pretension surrounding her. "I don't really know a lot about fashion," she admits. "Why bother anyway? Just be yourself," she muses. "You often get the crowds of young fashionistas but they all look the same to me," she adds. "I guess it's not a bad thing though… we all inspire each other." 

No Mythologies To Follow is packed full of electronic pop magic, with the haunting Dust Is Gone giving way to the anthemic Diplo feature, XXX 88, before the super sexy Slow Love gets us all hot and bothered. With word spreading fast (and the music even faster), we're looking forward to watching MØ take over the world and wonder what her hopes and dreams are. "I almost don't wanna tell you because I am afraid I might jinx it. I'm not particularly spiritual, but when it comes to these things I seem to be. My biggest dream in the universe is basically to live all my life making music. I want to make about twenty albums and I want to make people dance and cry all over the world!" We're not particularly spiritual either, but have a strong feeling that MØ will go far. 


Photography Nick Dorey
Text and styling Jack Borkett 
Photography assistance Olivia Estebanez
Styling assistance Kate Iorga

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