​tyler, the creator shares politically charged visuals for 'buffalo/find your wings'

The rapper revealed the controversial video on his Golf Media app.

by Tom Ivin and i-D Staff
02 October 2015, 1:52pm

Celebrating human diversity with his Golf Pride World Wide shirt, Tyler stars in his next hyper-color promo for a mash-up of Cherry Bomb tracks Buffalo and Find Your Wings. Directed by Tyler's artistic alter-ego Wolf Haley, the monochrome Buffalo feels like a politically-charged extension of the now classic Yonkers video. Tyler dresses in white-face makeup, rapping directly at the camera lens, and hangs from a tree, wearing only bright blue boxers. Snapping the branch that holds him, Tyler crawls out of the picture like a Butoh dancer chased by an angry all-black lynch mob.

From behind a lectern, Tyler then takes a political stance, wiping off white make-up revealing a pronounced black mask to speak to a crowd: "How many leaders in the house? ...Everybody on this fucking planet lacking confidence."

After a quick throwback to the artist's other videos, we flick channels to find the vintage VHS video for Find Your Wings, starring Kali Uchis and The Internet's Syd Tha Kid, with a spoken prelude acknowledging the song as a reaction to criticism that Tyler doesn't make tracks like the music he claims to listen to. As a result, the lurid pink and turquoise color scheme matches the tones of his own brand of neo-soul. Tyler continues to provoke using a highly saturated color palette and stark political allegories to stir up trouble and stand up for unheard voices.

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