michelle obama just dropped a rap video

It's been a banner year for Chicago rap.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
10 December 2015, 5:15pm

You know how in every high school comedy there's a teacher who raps a lesson about drugs or STDs to get down with the young people? Well, Michelle Obama has just shown all you cardigan-wearing substitute teachers out there how it's done. Today, she released her first-ever full-length rap video with an educational message, and our thoughts are with Malia and Sasha. (But also it's great.)

"Go to College," featuring Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah (aka SNL's Barry O), is a short video produced by the Michelle-backed Better Make Room campaign — which encourages kids to pursue further education — in collaboration with College Humor. In it, Pharoah and MC FLOTUS rap lyrics like, "fill your head with knowledge, go to college" on the White House lawn, in a crewneck sweater and wrap dress, respectively.

At one point, Michelle takes over the mic to lay down a sweet solo verse about her hometown: "South Side Chicago, we all know we had to do overtime / Every night to make it to tomorrow / And everyone could really make their dream true / Hey kid listenin' in Michigan, that could be you."

An important note also that this isn't the First Lady's first rap effort. See this 2014 address in which she delivers a few bars about healthy eating. She rhymes "fruition" with "nutrition" "nugget" with "love it."

Waiting for that full mixtape to drop!


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