video premiere: a chal, 'gazi'

Press play on the surreal sounds of LA’s A. Chal…

by i-D Team
13 April 2015, 12:19pm

With nearly 60k plays on Soundcloud, we fell into an instant swoon upon hearing GAZI by third-eye channeling soul-searcher A. Chal.

"The GAZI visual was shot by my friend and collaborator Tyler Diamond and produced by my brother and GAZÜ, Steve. At the time of shoot we snuck into a vacant Beverly Hills home. With the sun setting, we had to do it all in one take. We only had one choice; welcome the moment and let our vibrations be felt. The concept behind it is to get people familiar with A.CHAL and the GAZI world. This video is exactly what I envisioned when making the song. To have friends like Tyler who understand the vision and helping me bring it to fruition is a blessing. GAZI is about getting up and getting it. The attraction to the vanity yet staying conscious and keeping sane through it all. I made the song last year in LA at Paramount Studios. Shout out to Count Justice and Cody. Like most of my songs, I start recording them as soon as I hear the music."

Who is A.CHAL?
A.CHAL is a spiritual being in a human experience.

What is A.CHAL?
I make music because I want to heal people. Yeah, shit may bang and sound fly but I want to have that conversation with your third eye. Sometimes the vibrations are too powerful for words. That's the beauty of melody. Think native chants.

Why is A.CHAL?
Imagine being wrenched from 3rd world soil, then uprooted in a concrete jungle to ultimately bask in the sun and neon lights of Los Angeles. That is me and my sound.

When is A.CHAL?
More music and visuals on the way. Look out.



Photography Alexander Black

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