meet brey, star of converse's rubber tracks

Converse Rubber Tracks is winding its way through the Capital, giving unsigned talent the chance to follow their dreams.

by James Hutchins
23 March 2015, 12:32pm

The avenues for up and coming talent seem to be getting smaller and smaller, making it increasingly hard for fledgling acts to breakthrough. Sure, there's SoundCloud and YouTube and Bandcamp, but that doesn't necessarily give you the tools needed to craft your musical masterpiece. Starting life in 2011 as a purpose built studio in Brooklyn, New York, Converse Rubber Tracks is now an ongoing global music program offering free recording time to selected local musicians - and this year it brings the project to London for the first time with a series of studio residencies. 

Throughout 2015, the Converse Rubber Tracks program will make its way round the boroughs, kicking off in Haringey and working its way through Ealing, Southwark and Tower Hamlets. The first of London's successful applicants is North West based, unsigned songwriter and producer Brey. Banging out beats that cover a range of the musical spectrum, Brey crafts everything from experimental hip hop to house and beyond. Having previously spent time working in a studio, coming back to your bedroom to work can often feel like a step backwards, says Brey. "I've been blessed and honoured to have worked with some amazing British talent, whether that's been engineering, producing, remixing, tracking or songwriting. When you become so accustomed to working in a studio, your bedroom doesn't quite cut it anymore, you feel me?" 

Converse Rubber Tracks is lending a hand to those desperate to find time in a quality recording studio and continues the movement of Converse's long-lasting commitment to pushing new music and discovering the next generation of talent. "Converse's unwavering commitment towards supporting and pushing new, young and upcoming talent no matter what it is they do, is pretty dope."


Text James Hutchins
Photography Dhillon Shukla

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