the silver age - photos from the factory

Billy Name’s iconic black and white photos of Andy Warhol’s Factory stand as one of the most stunning and important photographic documents of the New York scene in the 60s.

by i-D Team
10 November 2014, 5:50pm

Warhol moved into his second studio in 1964, The Silver Factory, which Billy himself decorated in it's trademark silver, covering every inch of the space in foil and spray point. The Silver Factory was host to some of the defining moment's of Warhol's career; from The Velvet Underground to Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick, take a trip through Warhol's world.

"Edie's skin was translucent and there was a kind of glow or aura about her just as there was with Marilyn, and she became - and kind of still is - symbolic of… I don't know if I would call it true glamour, but it was kind of angelic, you know, like when poets write about the Angel of Death, ike Cocteau and so forth, and Edward Albee writes about it in The American Dream… You could feel death walking alongside her." - Robert Heide.

"Every time I see any of the boxes in exhibitions I can always spot the ones I painted because I was the most meticulous when it came to painting the rich even coat of white paint. Sometimes I see them with streaks, or the base coat looks kind of thin - those I definitely didn't paint. I wanted them to all look perfect like actual Brillo boxes. When I was alone at night I would paint a lot of them and then the next day Gerard and Andy would neartly arrange the blank boxes in rows and silkscreen the colors on them." - Billy Name

"Lou and I had a special kind of connection, almost like we knew what the other was thinking and could communicate with our thoughts rather than words." - Billy Name

"Nico had a stately quality similar to Susan but she wasn't really someone you talked to. She was really intellectual and hard in her knowledge. Even though she wouldn't say much she would somehow let you know what was on her mind." - Billy Name

"Billy was a lighting designer who moved into Warhol's Factory, the Factory was actually a huge loft. Billy covered it in a balloon of foil, and he was also a photographer, and his pictures were all this really great high contrast." - Lou Reed

Billy Name: The Silver Age is published by Reel Art Press

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