solange calls for submissions to her directory of black-owned businesses

Following the singer’s decision to switch to a black-owned bank, she’s taking the movement to the next level.

by Annie Armstrong
14 July 2016, 5:00pm

On Sunday, Solange announced on her Instagram that she decided to switch to a black-owned bank in an effort to "literally put my money where my mouth is." The artist is following the public steps taken by other musicians such as Usher, Killer Mike, and Jermaine Dupri, along with 8,000 other people who have opened accounts within the last five days at Atlanta-based bank Citizens Trust. This trend is part of a larger movement to encourage people to support black-owned businesses, and yesterday, Solange also announced the Saint Heron Black Bag project, which aims to archive these companies.

"This directory is just one small act by which we hope to enrich our own communities, support the fiscal successes of our peers, and effect change economically as we highlight small and large businesses across the nation," Solange's Instagram post read.

Right now, the directory only features companies based in New Orleans, but Solange is calling for submissions to expand the archive. Scroll through it on the Saint Heron site here


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