video premiere: nearly oratorio, 'tin'

The Melbourne artist shares a DIY visual for his latest hauntingly hazy release.

by James Hutchins and i-D Staff
03 May 2016, 2:35pm

Singer, songwriter and producer Simon Lam, AKA Nearly Oratio, only recently shared his second ever EP, after creating it almost two years ago. The Tin EP is a haunting whirlwind of woozy guitar and piano pads, and a fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments, perfectly complementing Lam's hazy introspective vocals.

i-D is pleased to share the DIY visual for the title track. "This is about living in your head, and wanting to be submerged in your own thoughts, as it's your safe place and where you feel at home." Lam explains "Hamish (co-owner of Solitaire Recordings and 1/3 of I'lls) and I shot this video shortly after I wrote 'Tin.' Hamish had just got his VHS camera and this was the first thing we chose to shoot. I remember trying to figure out how to change the timestamp to the current date. I can't believe how long ago it was." Put together during some sincere studio time, press play on the premiere of Nearly Oratio's 'Tin.'

Nearly Oratorio's Tin EP is out now. Buy it via Bandcamp here.

Video Premiere
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