christopher shannon throws a neon party for spring/summer 16

Christopher Shannon goes raving in Ibiza.

by Bojana Kozarevic
15 June 2015, 11:47am

"The bikinis were about the girl being drunk, the boy being drunk," Christopher Shannon said of one of the many fun, colorful details from his spring/summer 16 collection. It was party season on Shannon's Balearic Island, where boys strutted to the banging beats of funky house.

His stride of pride was colored by bright neon explosions of pinks, greens and whites, although still contained in classic silhouettes. Shannon used jackets and jeans, but it was still with an exhibit of oversized twist and dropped shoulder. "Last season felt a bit more serious, even though is was so graphic. I just wanted to have a bit more fun," he explained backstage. 

"It's definitely more of a party vibe, but still very much us and what the brand is. I like moving on each season but I never want to go and do a completely different show." He adds. "So this season it definitely is a juxtaposition of those things, both the party and the more serious element of my designs."

There were the signature doubled-up sweatshirt dresses and the layered combinations of long-sleeved tops that Shannon dominates with. Trousers came in short, sexy and bright--the shorts were cut from fine gauge mesh material that stuck out like the best knickers and were toughened up by hardcore torsos and carefully crafted jackets. A nod to last season's slogans featured on a finely woven sweater, teasing with the word Damaged and Needy and knitted motifs of zippos and cigarette lighters.

Shannon's collaboration with CAT footwear was another element that took a party turn. "I didn't want to do boots anymore, I wanted to do a trainer. So I asked for the ugliest sole possible from the archive. We call them Jurassic Hooves in the studio!"

"There's a film called Where The Bad Girls Go by a guy called Chris Bernard. It's about a gang of girls going to Tenerife and I have NEVER seen it and I really want to. So this collection is a way of creating that imagery, creating that energy. I didn't want to do 18-30 because I still wanted more skater and rich elements to the collection. But it was about having some ambiguous touches too."

The ambiguous element of hedonism, from the music to the shaving foam (recalling an Ibiza foam party) on the boys heads, challenged our conceptions of whether this was a walk of shame or stride of pride from the party. We've all been there. However, as Shannon's collections continue to grow so does the overwhelming sense that every step he takes is a fun one. And a very extremely talented and carefully silhouetted one. Someone you definitely want to party with. 

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