could wes anderson’s next movie star whoopi goldberg?

She says she'll even do full frontal, if it will help diversify the casting.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
19 June 2015, 7:09pm

Whoopi is a big fan of Wes Anderson, she revealed today on The View. While talking to guests Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott, she joked, "I love all of the Wes Anderson movies, and you starred in like almost all of them." But she is not a fan of Anderson's other casting decisions. She continued: "I noticed there's not a lot of folks of color." The EGOT winner then switched into her best actress-who-is-actually-a-waitress voice and turned the interview into an audition: "I would like to give you my résumé to give to Wes Anderson...Just let him know I'm available...If you could pass it on…"

Whoopi then walked (note her printed Birkenstock and sock combo) over to Schwartzman and handed him her actual printed résumé. "I even interned on late night TV," she added, "and I have some hardware at home…"

While her tone was lols, Whoopi was not messing around. (As Jezebel reported, co-host Raven Symoné's face was the best indication that this was not a joke.) Anderson has come under fire before for his casting of people of color - or rather his lack thereof. And as viewers have pointed out, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson's ninth film, was his first with a non-white lead. Here's hoping his next project includes Whoopi going full frontal, something she says she is prepared to do.


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