muslim teen crashes anti-muslim rally with epic selfies

Zakia Belkhiri, unintentional activist and Leonardo DiCaprio fan, had the perfect response to hateful protesters.

by Hannah Ongley
19 May 2016, 3:40pm

jurgen augusteyns

Muslim teen girl Zakia Belkhiri had the most teen girl response when she saw a bunch of anti-Muslim protesters spreading hateful messages in Belgium: epic selfies. Belkhiri was attending the third annual Muslim Expo in Antwerp over the weekend when she saw members of the far-right nationalist political party Vlaams Belang protesting the cultural celebration. She then leaped in front of the haters to snap a few photos in front of their ignorant signs; which included messages like "No headscarves" and "Stop Islam." 

Photographer Jurgen Augusteyns took a few photos of Belkhiri trolling the trolls, and the internet is loving them. So, naturally, is Belkhiri. "25000 likes amazingg," she wrote on Twitter yesterday, "every teenage girl's dreamm!!" After posting a motivational photo of Leonardo DiCaprio for good measure, she then reminded the world, "I do not only respect islam, all religions deserve respect! Jews, muslims, christians ! We all believe in one god don't we?" And finally, a slightly edited quote from Tupac: "I ain't a diva but don't push me fame is like the sweetest joy next to getting money." Amen.


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography by Jurgen Augusteyns

Zakia Belkhiri