'pusszine' is a celebration of girls and cats

Photographer Stephanie Sian Smith has created the cat-like zine of your dreams, so have a good stretch, curl up in the sun and enter her world. Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.

by Francesca Dunn
04 May 2016, 5:04pm

People say that dogs look like their owners but only those in the know are aware that the same goes for folks and their feline friends. Never-not smiling like a Cheshire cat, photographer Stephanie Sian Smith's eyes light up with enthusiasm as she talks about her new passion project. One rainy afternoon when working with her friend Posy, the two were missing their furry babies and daydreaming of a world in which Bring Your Cat To Work Day was a thing. Realizing they could make it a reality, PussZine was born. Capturing cool girls -- including i-D pals Lily Newmark, Naomi Shimada, and Lucy Bridge -- and their pussycats, the purrfect photo zine will be released tomorrow. Whatever you do, don't sleep on it!

Who have you collaborated with on the project?
I've been really lucky and had such a wonderful team behind this project. Studio Moross, even though they are dog lovers at heart, have been amazing with creating this zine celebrating cat lovers. I couldn't have done it without my dream team of girls Posy, Cleo, Paolina, and all the amazing girls who showed us their pussies --hehe.  And a special shout out to Charlie for holding it all together! I also collaborated on the gifs with Natalia Stuyk -- we can't wait to collaborate on more things together!

Tell us about your cats.
My cats are the best. I have Ron, my oldest cat; he's famous in his own right and currently on the cover of Harpers Bazaar with his mate Helena Bonham Carter. And then there's Mouchoir -- she's a bit special.

What do you think they get up to when you're away?
A bit of arts and crafts. Mouchoir is definitely a secret cat painter behind closed doors.

People say that dogs look like their owners -- do you think it's the same with cats?
I look a lot like Ron, but Mouchoir looks like Kim Kardashian and I don't think I look much like her.

What voices do you think they would have if they could speak?
Well Mouchoir is French, so she'd be all sassy and Parisian. And Ron would sound like a East London geezer.

Who is your favourite fictional cat and why?
Sylvester the Cat, obvs.

If you were a cat, what breed would you be?
A Norwegian Forest cat.

Can you purr?
Of course... meow!

Why do cats love boxes so much?
I think they are a secret portal to another cat universe.

What's your favourite cat video?

Mew. @pusszine

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