changing gender just got easier in ireland

The country’s Gender Recognition Act went into effect today.

by i-D Staff
09 September 2015, 1:05pm

Ireland's Gender Recognition Act went into effect today, making it far easier for the country's population to officially change genders. Prior to a legal battle enacted against the state by Dr. Lydia Foy, there was no legal recognition of transgender people in Ireland. Now legal recognition not only exists, but people will no longer require the approval of their doctor to officially change gender. The bill was passed back in July, but has only come into action today.

It's an important moment for the country's trans community, since getting official recognition only requires the filling out of a simple form, which is apparently as easy as renewing a passport. Broden Giambrone of the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland said: "This legislation is incredibly progressive, it's very humane and it's going to affirm the rights of transgender people in this country. I think this is one of the most momentous days in the trans community's history."

Argentina, Denmark, Malta and Colombia all make it easier to self-determine outside of the medical process, whereas the process still requires medical approval in the UK. 

gender recognition act