mykki blanco's new track is so fire it'll burn down your house

'Coke White, Starlight' premiered on Vice's Beats1 show last night.

by Isabelle Hellyer
01 September 2015, 2:10pm

photography bruno staub

Mykki Blanco's new track opens with the assertion: "they don't wanna see a man in a dress succeed." Immediately, you know Coke White, Starlight is Mykki at his* best and baddest. The heavy, industrial track premiered last night on VICE's Beats1 show and you can now stream it below. Coke White, Starlight comes off the upcoming C-ORE LP, via Mykki's Dog Food Music Group.

Speaking about the label's launch last month, Mykki explained "People all over the world are only fed this singular image of 'African American Music' and we want to disrupt that," adding "We all come from backgrounds outside of the black American norm, and the world deserves to see our culture as much as anything else." Last week, the crew gave us our first taste of C-ORE with a 10 minute short film that saw Mykki and co. steal a dealer's stash and trip out. C-ORE is due September 18th, but you can pre-order it now


Text Isabelle Hellyer
Photography Bruno Staub
*Please note that a Mykki Blanco representative has informed us that Mykki is currently using male pronouns when discussing projects and artistry.

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