why ​courrèges is relaunching its fun, french zine from 1970

Check out exclusive images from 'Bonjour Courrèges,' which celebrates modern youth and now comes in little squares of inspiration on Instagram!

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
23 September 2015, 9:26pm

Way back in 1970, André Courrèges launched Bonjour Courrèges, an in-house publication presenting the French designer's latest collection shot around the world. Legendary photographer Peter Knapp snapped Courrèges' latest looks in New York, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and more. 

To celebrate the relaunch of the storied French fashion house, now under the creative direction of Coperni designers Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, Courrèges is relaunching the zine digitally in the form of an Instagram feed.

Described as a "free space where artists and photographers will produce content with our new vision in mind" the feed will celebrate youth and freedom, and kicks off with a series of nine portraits by the young, London-based photographer and i-D contributor Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Four of the portraits are presented exclusively with this article, featuring young creative London-dwellers and Instagram beauties @Donnikaa, @ayeshatanjones, @glacier996girl and @conaillclarke.

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