m.i.a knocks the vmas for racism, sexism, classism, elitism

After her 'Borders' video missed out on a nomination, the outspoken artist has accused the MTV VMAs of all kinds of prejudices.

by Clementine de Pressigny
28 July 2016, 4:48pm

The 2016 VMA nominations are out, and the usual suspects are up for awards — Beyoncé, Adele, Drake, Kanye. But after being skipped over for recognition for her self-directed video "Borders," which illustrates the plight of refugees as they climb metal fences and travel on overcrowded boats, M.I.A has spoken her mind on Twitter — saying the VMAs are guilty of the full gamut of discrimination.

She followed that up with a tweet that the total lack of acknowledgement for her video is a clear case of silencing certain groups, showing the difference between "'allowed' voice[s] vs excluded voices."

The rapper then said the lack of recognition doesn't matter, and linked to an Instagram image of herself helping Greek refugee children with their homework, and pointing out in the caption that "Nearly 50% of the 50,000 people there [in the refugee camp] are children."


Text Clementine de Pressigny 

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