anais gallagher stars in reebok's new 90s throwback campaign

Reebok reimagines its iconic Vector range for fall/winter 16 with a little help from Oasis founder Noel's model daughter.

by Tish Weinstock and i-D Staff
10 August 2016, 5:13pm

Her dad was the king of 90s Brit pop, so it makes perfect sense that Anais Gallagher stars in the new campaign for Reebok's 90s reboot. Born in the 90s, Reebok Classic's Vector range was initially designed for soccer legends such as Ryan Giggs, but it became so much more than training gear. With its baggy silhouettes and iconic red, white, and blue logo, it wasn't long before the Vector range was being repped by the coolest kids on the block.

Fast-forward to today, and the cult aesthetic has had a modern makeover. Indeed, for fall/winter 16, Rebook has released a brand new collection that pays homage to the 90s logo, featuring individual pieces that defined the decade but reimagined for today's youth, such as sweaters, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, windbreakers, and graphic tees. Joining Noel's model daughter is Raleigh Ritchie aka Jacob Anderson aka Grey Worm in Game of Thrones.


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