the a-z of new york style

From Americana to Gen Z, this is the definitive guide to NYC style.

by Created with Coach
12 March 2018, 4:10pm

Turn any corner in New York and you’re bound to run into someone well-dressed and confident; no two people ever wear the same thing. The city’s fashion history is imbued with as much attitude as it is memorable garments, a famed melting pot of genders, sexualities, colours and creeds, where style is channeled through movements rather than straight-off-the-runway facsimiles.

In i-D’s upbeat new film made in collaboration with Coach, we take you into a lively New York subway car to champion the vivacious A to Zs of stylish subcultures that you might encounter on a ride around the city. Whether you’re spotting a downtown girl in flared, Americana-inspired blue jeans and a metallic leather varsity jacket or a quintessential Upper East Side lady with a Signature Parker bag on her arm, the influence of America’s coolest fashion brand manifests there—birthed in New York City, its influence reverberating around the world.

Be it designers, artists or those who simply call the city home, New York has always paid homage to the late, great artist Keith Haring; his iconic pop art painted onto the brickwork of its buildings while hanging in the MoMa too. In Coach’s latest collection, Haring’s iconic illustrations are featured on a stand-out sequined dress and the Signature Riley bag of our next-level woman.

Step out onto the platform, and catch the city’s passionate jazz king serenading passersby, with a Rexy charm adorning his trumpet. Meanwhile, the city’s omnipresent tourists—luxurious luggage in tow—are there to capture it all with flashing cameras.

There’s a heady and exciting fluidity to New York’s dynamic fashion scene. Be it the ultra-cool ‘Xxtravagant’ kids wearing vintage Signature print swimsuits as casual wear or the impeccably-dressed woman in a shearling jacket and circular shades, every outfit feels versatile, and a little interchangeable. After all, it’s “The City That Never Sleeps,” and anything goes.


Director Agostina Gálvez
Text Douglas Greenwood

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