dizzee rascal drops a new video shot in paris

We premiere the Naomi Campbell-inspired video for Ghost, as Dizzee discusses deodorant and first dates.

by Ryan White
05 March 2018, 11:30am

"Why are these yutes so bloody ungrateful / Talk about grime like I ain’t a staple"" raps Dizzee Rascal on Ghost. The track -- a standout from his sixth studio album Raskit -- is a pointed reminder to those who have forgotten about Diz’s legacy as one of the cornerstones of grime and its surrounding culture. In the four-year absence since his previous album, The Fifth, the landscape of grime had radically changed, with Stormzy’s ascent to the top of the charts and the domination of the BBK crew. But lest we forget, Diz has been doing this since the dawn of time: "I was on the mic when you was in play-school".

Although the track has all the makings of a classic Dizzee bop, the video for Ghost is a departure from the tropes too often found in grime/rap videos. Featuring Dizzee hitting the streets of Paris, the video takes a left with its representation of the women that feature. “I listen to a lot of rap and I find it regrettable that women often have roles such as ‘sexy dancers,’” says Ghost’s director Laura Weaver on her desire to celebrate women, rather than relegate them to props for the male musician. “I wanted to make a video in which women are the main characters, where they are free and feel alive. Where if they twerk, it’s only for themselves, not for the rapper. I wanted to play with rap codes, to challenge the sense behind the folklore -- the aimless walking around, the money, the luxury... I wanted to see what happens when we transpose it to women. It’s a rap video that makes fun of rap videos.”

The visuals were also informed by the iconic presence of a certain 90s supermodel. “Naomi Campbell for Versace 1995,” says Laura, “Black, empowered women, both sexy and chic, but above all charismatic and confident. The kind of women everyone would want to follow all around Paris.”

As we premiere the video, below, catch a few words with the man himself, as Diz discusses Paris, ghosting and first dates.

The video for Ghost is set in Paris. Do you know any French?
I just know the basics. I took French at school and forgot when I left.

What would be your ideal day there?
My ideal day there would be just rolling around seeing the sights and eating good food.

Speaking of Ghost -- have you ever ghosted anyone? What do you think is the best way to break up with someone?
Sometimes you outgrow people for different reasons, so if you can’t part ways peacefully just find something positive to focus on elsewhere.

What would you recommend wearing for a first date?
Deodorant... and a smile

Right now it’s snowing in the UK. Where would you rather be?
I just got back from touring Australia -- a few more dates there would’ve been nice but I’m happy to be home.

What do you miss when you’re away touring?
People and the banter... and the shit weather, obviously.

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