supreme to donate 100% of surprise box logo tee proceeds to puerto rico

The brand dropped their Brooklyn T-shirt online to raise money for the island’s hurricane relief efforts.

by Georgie Wright
10 October 2017, 10:52am

Everyone knows that Supreme buyers are prepared to wait out all night to get their hands on one of their famous box logo tees. So it's nice to hear that the brand are doing something good with the brand loyalty of hundreds of eager hypebeasts, by donating all the profits of their Brooklyn box logo T-shirt to the relief efforts following the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

The US territory is suffering a major humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which struck the Caribbean Island on 20 September and destroyed infrastructure, flooded roads, and left a significant portion of the country without power.

In an effort to raise money for the island, which desperately needs any form of aid, Supreme made a surprise drop of their new Brooklyn box logo T-shirt online yesterday alongside the statement, "100% of the proceeds will be donated to United for Puerto Rico. For more information please visit:".

It's a welcome move by the brand, who usually sell city specific T-shirts in-store only. No surprises then that the Brooklyn box logo -- designed to celebrate the opening of the brand's new Brooklyn store -- flew off the cyberspace shelves almost instantly. Not exactly surprising for a Supreme drop, but it's good to know it's for a good cause.

And hey, here's a thought! When the hypebeasts get on that reselling train, maybe they could donate the massive profit margins they make on their ventures to the relief effort too?

Donate here:

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