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You're tearing me apart, Lisa!

by Isabelle Hellyer
15 September 2017, 7:34am

via A24

The first trailer for James Franco's latest film, The Disaster Artist, has arrived. The bizarre movie chronicles the real-life journey of cult filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, who famously self-funded production of The Room, widely regarded as the worst film of all time.

Wiseau initially conceived The Room as a play, then as a lengthy book he failed to secure a publishing deal for. He then reworked the concept into screenplay, with a number of narrative holes and unresolved subplots. The shoot — funded entirely by Wiseau — was a disaster, according to many of the cast and crew. The trailer for James Franco's rendering touches on some of The Room's key, true-to-life production issues, like Wiseau's insistence that filming take place on built sets, even when much cheaper real-life locations were available. (The Room cost Wiseau $6,000,000 dollars).

The new film takes its cues from a 2013 book of the same name, written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Sestero, for the uninitiated, played Wiseu's best friend Mark (Oh hi Mark!) in the original movie.

Dave Franco and Seth Rogen also star in The Disaster Artist. Watch the wild trailer below, and get ready for the film to open globally on December 8th, 2017.

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