exclusive: watch caitlin price’s sensual spring/summer 18 film

Documenting the interaction between Caitlin’s streetwear-couture and the body, Amy Becker-Burnett’s film was inspired by the flower paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe.

by Charlotte Gush; photos by Chloe Newman
29 September 2017, 4:32pm

Caitlin Price is London's master of the classic-couture-and-sportswear mash-up. She makes zip-up jackets fit for femme fatales, and the only kind of mid century draped gowns we've ever realistically lusted after. For spring/summer 18, Caitlin took her chic but streetwise London girl to the States. "I started the collection with a lot of images of Rita Hayworth," Caitlin tells i-D. "This summer I visited the USA for the first time, and the collection and styling is my interpretation of that trip. I wanted everything to feel like a warped opulent odyssey from London to Hollywood," she explains.

Following her presentation during London Fashion Week, Caitlin has created a sensual film to explore how the garments interact with the body. "The concept came from looking at Georgia O'Keeffe's flower paintings," Caitlin says, adding, "I wanted to convey the same sense of magnification and ambiguity by exploring the collection on film."

"I'm fascinated by how women wear clothes, and how it feels to wear certain things, so it was really important to me to work with a female director on this film," Caitlin says of the decision to work with Amy Becker-Burnett. "She interpreted the references with a deep sensitivity. We wanted to focus closely on the body, on where the fabric folds and touches skin," Caitlin adds.

Amy describes her film as a "textural" piece that explores the collection "as if you were journeying around a beautifully layered landscape painting". Noting the Georgia O'Keefe reference, Amy says the film is "instinctively soft and romantic," but that they wanted "the abstract framing and ambiguous shapes to feel poetic yet awkward". "The slow, melodic pace and sculptural composition of the fabric was employed to capture a sense of opulence and drama whilst the intimate close-ups of flesh convey an imposing fragility," she adds.

Art Director Joseph Bond -- who works closely with Caitlin on her shows -- created the sound for the film, which is intended to evoke "late-night landscapes and an eerie eroticism". Watch the film, above, and see more of the collection in photographer Chloe Newman's shots from the presentation.

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