grenfell tower survivors project messages on to the UK’s unsafe tower blocks

Two years on, high rise buildings across the country are still covered in dangerous cladding.

by Roisin Lanigan
14 June 2019, 11:26am

Photo via Instagram.

Two years on from Grenfell, campaigners, activists and survivors are still making their voices heard to demand sanctions and accountability for the disaster. Despite 72 people dying in the horrific fire back in June 2017, no arrests have been made, and worse still, many tower blocks across London -- and further afield -- are still in the same state of disrepair and neglect that was to blame for the extent of Grenfell’s destruction.

Today, as we approach the two year anniversary of the Grenfell fire, survivors collective Grenfell United have projected messages on to buildings in the capital, as well as in Salford and Newcastle, drawing attention to the inactivity of the government. One projection reads: “Two years after Grenfell and this building is still covered in dangerous cladding.” Another, on a high-rise tower block for older people in Newcastle reads, “Two years after Grenfell and the fire doors in this building still don’t work.”

In London, the projections are particularly close to home, appearing on Frinstead House, which is right next to Grenfell and, according to the messages posted by Grenfell United, has no sprinkler system to fight fires.

The projections come with the launch of a campaign by the activist group urging people to contact their MP and demand accountability and progress. “Two years after Grenfell people are still going to bed at night with no sprinklers, dangerous cladding and unfit fire doors,” reads a statement on Grenfell United’s website. “It is time to demand change.”

Read more about the campaign and find out how to contact your MP here.

Grenfell Tower