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do you know where your cotton comes from?

We want to know what's gone into our soup — why not our clothes too? A new film from Volcom explores the benefits of organic cotton.

by Jack Sunnucks
22 April 2019, 3:37pm

Images courtesy of Volcom

Most of us are hyperaware of where our food comes from (or at least willfully ignorant). Why do we umm and ah over organic carrots, but for the most part wear polyester made in sweat shops? It’s both interesting (and concerning) how little thought we give to the materials our clothes are made from, beyond where the company’s factories are located. Maybe it was “Made in Italy,” but what was it made of? Volcom’s seeking to change that with its Farm to Yarn program - an initiative in India that features certified organic cotton that’s traceable back to the farmers who grew it. The program also provides professional education for said farmers, in the villages of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, where the cotton was sourced. Thus far, around 15% of the brand’s cotton is sourced from the program, representing an awe-inspiring 27 metric tons of cotton.

“Traceability is critical for the future of organic cotton,” said Arvind Rewal, the Regional Director South Asia, CottonConnect, who are Volcom’s partners in the initiative. “It requires a brand to be intentional about mapping its supply chain.” Buying organic clothing, and not just food, also requires us to be intentional when we’re shopping. Hopefully, we’re moving towards a future where the ‘ingredients’ of our clothes are just as important as what’s gone into our soup. “We are truly proud of this program as it embodies both environmental and social benefits,” said Ryan Immegart, Chief Marketing Officer at Volcom. “In addition, it represents another strategic milestone in our never-ending mission to be True To This planet.”

Educate yourself this earth day, and watch Volcom's short documentary about their new initiative.

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