this voguing mix will get you in the mood for some serious dips and spins

…or at least it'll put you in the mood to watch some experienced voguers at Melt festival.

by i-D Staff
19 July 2019, 2:48pm

“While making a ballroom mix you have to always think about what would work on the dancefloor, what would get people to really go off,” says CeeKay Juicy Ninja, co-founder and member of Berlin-based non-binary DJ collective No Shade, and an active member in the ballroom scene herself. “You gotta make it CUNT!” she adds. Together with Zueira Mizrahi Angel, she has very kindly made us the ultimate mix to pose to. Ahead of hosting the first Vogue Ball in the history of Melt Festival this weekend -- in collaboration with i-D -- The German mother of the Kiki House of Angels and German parent of the Iconic House of Mizrahi from New York can also be heard warming up for the event with some serious purring action at the top end of this mix.

So, purrs aside, what can we expect from this mix?

“This mix is a blend of 'femme beats' mostly recognised by the infamous Ha-crash as well as hard drum and tribal house runway beats you'd hear in an European or American Runway category," the duo tell i-D. "The mix presents producers from around the globe, featuring some of the best known names in ballroom, like Vjuan Allure (Elite Beatz) and Mike Q from Qween Beat, as well as shining a light on some up and coming people in the scene. We were super excited to deliver a raw ballroom feel.”

Find more information about the Stainless Steel Ball at Melt Festival here .

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