Watch the spooky new trailer for Netflix’s highly anticipated Locke and Key

The mysterious graphic novel adaptation is finally dropping on Netflix at the start of next month.

by Roisin Lanigan
09 January 2020, 10:47am

We’re barely a week into the new year and already Netflix is absolutely spoiling us for choice when it comes to binge-watching your way through the weekend and rueing the day you ever decided to “do Dry January”.

The latest offering from the streaming megamind is the trailer for Locke and Key, a long-awaited adaptation of a seriously spooky graphic novel. The plot revolves around three siblings who move back into their ancestral home -- a suitably creepy and drafty old mansion -- in Massachusetts after the gruesome murder of their father. In the spoopy house they find a selection of magical keys which imbue them with a vast array of powers and abilities.

But it’s not all good news and superpowers! The house also contains a demon who wants to steal the reality-bending keys from the bereaved siblings. Ugh, hate it when that happens.

Written by Joe Hill -- son of horror’s Don Corleone, Stephen King -- Locke and Key stars Darby Stanchfield, Jackson Robert Scott (who you might recognise as IT’s Georgie), Connor Jessup, Emilie Jones and Laysla De Oliveira. It’s based on Joe and Gabriel Rodriguez’s cult graphic novel of the same, which ran from 2008 to 2013.

The series was originally meant to drop on Hulu but after they passed on the show’s pilot way back in 2018, it did the rounds before -- thankfully -- finding its forever home on Netflix. The 10 episode season drops in its entirety (prepare yourself for the inevitable passive aggressive “are you still watching?” pop up seven eps in) on 7 Feb. Watch the full trailer below.