'Cocaine, side boob': Everything you missed at Harry Styles' London gig

'Times are hard but you can always sing along to a song about oral sex', Harry Styles, 2022.

by Tom George
25 May 2022, 2:32pm

Harry Styles is likely the biggest artist on the planet right now. Since releasing his third album Harry’s House, all 13 songs have dom-topped streaming services and broken vinyl sales records, whilst fans clamoured to get tickets for two intimate One Night Only concerts held in New York and London to celebrate the album. 

We popped over to the concert held at the O2 Academy in Brixton to chat with the fans waiting outside the venue on our TikTok, before heading in to watch Harry perform, hum a bit of a Taylor Swift song, show his solidarity for the people of Ukraine and the LGBTQ+ community, and be a supportive king to his fanbase. We love to see it. Here’s everything worth knowing that happened at the One Night Only concert in London.

Harry gave a shout out to his mum

It’s been a while since Harry has performed in London. “What a lovely comeback. It’s been a long time since I’ve played in the UK and I’m so so happy to be here, thank you so much," he told the crowds early in the show, clad in a custom Gucci ringer tee, white leather trousers and Eliou jewellery. The last time Harry performed in the UK was December 2019 for his One Night Only concert for Fine Line at Electric Ballroom in London (his 2020 Love On Tour dates were cancelled and then rescheduled for this coming summer).

To mark Harry’s momentous homecoming, his mum Anne came along taking a pride of place spot at the centre of the balcony as Harry apologised for singing the lyrics “cocaine, side boob, choke her with a sea view” in front of her on the song “Keep Driving”. 

He ended boys named Luke everywhere

If your name is Luke, I’m sorry, but Harry Styles says your name is shit and that means your name is shit. We don’t make the rules. During the show Harry noticed one fan held a sign saying that her boyfriend slept with her best friend and that boyfriends suck. Asking her name and the name of her (we-assume) ex, Harry consoled her saying, “It’s a sh*t name anyway. Not going to lie Jess, that’s brutal, what I will say is, you’re better off without him.” Cue a mob of Lukes scrambling to get their name changed. He had a very specific message to Jess’s cheating ex though. “What do you think we’re going to say to Luke?” with the crowd then screaming “fuck you!”. “This is a family show! Or is it? I dedicate this next song to Jess. It’s called ‘Boyfriends’,” Harry responded smoothly.

He waved a Ukraine and a Pride flag

When he performed his first ever solo song — 2017’s “Sign of the Times” — during his One Night Only show in New York, Harry spotted a fan holding a Ukrainian flag and waved it during his performance. For his show in London, Harry came with one ready to hold up in solidarity with the country during the same song, alongside a progress pride flag. <3

Harry paused the concert to help a fan

During the same rendition of “Sign of the Times”, Harry noticed a fan in distress and halted the performance to check they were okay before parting the audience like the Red Sea so on site staff could get to the fan and help them. “Everyone else good? You okay?” he asked, scanning the crowds and pointing out to staff anyone who said they needed help before restarting the song. We stan a caring king. 

He performed all the songs on Harry’s House and a One Direction song!

Kicking off the show with the stunning potentially China Anne McClain-inspired bop “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, Harry then made his way through the album’s 13-song tracklist, before performing “Adore You” and “Watermelon Sugar” from Fine Line and “Sign Of The Times” from his self-titled debut. We also got a few seconds of a Taylor Swift classic hummed by Harry after a fan shared it was their birthday and they were turning 22, before the singer and the crowds sang her “Happy Birthday”. Cute!

Finally he finished up with the song that started it all, “What Makes You Beautiful”, his first single in One Direction that put him on the map and sent his curls to the posters on bedroom walls of teens the world over. As an encore for the not yet ready to go fans, Harry performed his shouty rock anthem “Kiwi” with his usual New Romantic rocker boy swagger. Harry Styles you will always be famous. 

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