Oh good, a three hour Sopranos documentary

Providing some context to the classic series you binge-watched during lockdown, here’s where you can stream the greatest Sopranos schooling of your life.

by Douglas Greenwood
26 May 2021, 12:16pm


A three-hour long documentary dissecting the ins and outs of the hit HBO TV series The Sopranos is here, sating the appetites of those who just finished binge-watching it during lockdown and are eagerly anticipating the release of the movie prequel, The Many Saints of Newark. Called Sopranos Session, it’s an in-depth exploration of the show and its legacy, featuring appearances from cast members, the show’s directors and critics who’ve written whole books on the show. From where you can watch it to which cast members appear in it, here’s what we know about Sopranos Sessions.

What is Sopranos Session?

Sopranos Session is a three-part documentary series dedicated to unpacking the sprawling plot of The Sopranos across its six-season run. Director Kristian Fraga (who’s done similar behind-the-scenes unpackings for Star Wars and Wes Anderson movies) has worked with TV critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz, who wrote the non-fiction Sopranos bible from which the series takes its name, to transform their work into a television project.

Which members of the Sopranos cast appear in it?

There are a few key figures involved in the project. Alongside Alan and Matt, who compère the show, The Sopranos’ writer and producer David Chase appears in an episode to discuss his life in Newark as a kid, creating the show and translating it into a big-screen endeavour for The Many Saints of Newark.

The show’s cast gathers in an episode called “The Last Supper”, which takes place in Il Cortile, the restaurant where cast members would gather for a commiseration dinner after a character had been killed off. Appearing in this episode? Federico Castelluccio, who played Furio Giunta, Vincent Curatola who played Sack, Arthur J. Nascarella who played Carlo Gervasi, and Vincent Pastore, who played Pussy Bonpensiero.

There’s even an episode in which Alan and Matt meet one-to-one and discuss the creation of their Sopranos opus the day before it’s published, in none other than Holsten’s, the location of the final scene in The Sopranos’ last episode.

Where can I watch Sopranos Session?

Sopranos Session is currently having a US theatre run as we speak, but for those not fortunate to be near the big screen, it’s also streaming digitally. UK fans of the show who want to see the documentary in full can rent it here.

Is there a trailer for Sopranos Session?

There is indeed! Watch it below, and get ready for the great Sopranos schooling of your life.

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