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by i-D Staff
02 June 2017, 11:15am

Gig of the week: Liam Gallagher's solo debut
Presented verbatim and without comment from the Guardian review of Liam's comeback charity gig last night in Manchester. "After he exited the stage, the crowd chanted "You can shove your fucking Isis up your arse," before hundreds joined in a rendition of 1996 hit Don't Look Back in Anger."

We actually, genuinely, unironically cannot wait for this album.

Political event of the week: Bernie Sanders at Brixton Academy
The highlight of election season so far. Bernie Sanders, The Man Who Should Be President, is heading to the UK to do a speech at the Brixton Academy. Expect a special guest appearance from The Man Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister if you're lucky. Maybe even some tips on how to make the revolution sweet, cuddly and approachable? Can't will till he comes out on stage to roar "Hello Brixton" into a microphone before the band break out into the Stones' Street Fighting Man.

Exhibition of the week: Adrian Villar Rojas at Marian Goodman
The Argentine artist's series The Theatre of Disappearance -- in which he reimagines historic and contemporary sculpture -- is coming to London's Marian Goodman Gallery this week. Monumental, magnificent, uncanny, unsettling, totally beautiful. For this, his first show in London since his exhibition at the Serpentine in 2013, Adrian is building a recreation of the legs Michelangelo's David. It will be totally weird and mind blowing. Don't miss it.

Music merch drop of the week: Kendrick Lamar
Like hip-hop? Like merch? Like hip-hop merch? Like Kendrick Lamar? Like some merch that extols your love of Kendrick Lamar's latest hip-hop album, Damn? Of course you do. And lucky you. You can now buy a hoodie with Damn written on it. Or a baseball cap if you prefer.

(India) I couldn't work without it, Howard Hodgkin, 2014

Plan a trip up north: Howard Hodgkin at The Hepworth Wakefield
Opening at the start of July at The Hepworth Wakefield is an exhibition by ultimate fave all time best ever British painter Howard Hodgkin. Featuring 35 works from 50 years of his career, this is the first exhibition to explore the influence of India on Howard's work. Since his first trip to the country in 1964, Howard returned there almost every year to work, until his death earlier this year. How much of a treat this is.

Auction of the week: Mario Testino
The Peruvian born photographer is auctioning off his art collection to raise funds for Lima Gallery Museo Mate in his home country. He's turned his lens on just about everybody who is anybody, but now the master photographer is turning his collection of art and photography over to the auctioneers gavel in a heartwarming display of charity. Museo Mate was set up by Mario in 2012 to bring Peruvian culture to the world.

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