what is actually going on in travis scott’s ‘wake up’ music video?

The rapper’s new Jonah Hill-directed visual trip left us with some questions.

by Nicole DeMarco
25 July 2019, 9:49pm

Photo via YouTube.

Travis Scott has released a new music video for the song “Wake Up,” which features The Weeknd and is off of his latest album ASTROWORLD. While the rapper is no stranger to over the top visuals (his last was directed by Nathalie Canguilhem and produced by Saint Laurent), the track gets the black and white treatment courtesy of director Jonah Hill.

The video lands somewhere between the mannequin challenge and A$AP Rocky’s technicolor acid trip “Kid’s Turned Out Fine,” and like a number of Scott’s videos, this one also has the rapper levitating in space (to return to Astroworld, perhaps?). So, what exactly is going on here? The video places Scott in an extravagant mansion, and it’s clearly the morning after some kind of rager. He is singing that he doesn’t want to wake up, yet everyone sprawled out across the floor or slumped at the dining room table appears to be dead. Scott and many of his surroundings are lifted into the air. Furniture is flipped on its head and floats by. A helicopter crashes into the brush in the distance. It doesn’t make a sound. What exactly does this have to do with the lyrics “Say, pussy so good/ Oh, pussy so sweet,” we wonder, as The Weeknd sings and Scott hits the top of a pool table before continuing on his way.

The perplexing visual marks Hill’s second music video, following Vampire Weekend’s “Sunflower.” Watch "Wake Up" below.

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