daily horoscopes: april 24, 2019

Tensions may run high, today, thanks to another retrograde.

by Jaliessa Sipress
24 April 2019, 1:55pm

Power struggles may arise, today, as Pluto begins its retrograde.

Read the horoscopes for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs for tips on how to stay in your own lane and live above the drama.

(April 20-May 20)

It really doesn’t matter how much external success or validation you get. If you don’t change your own opinion and perception of yourself, all of the recognition will roll off of you and nothing will ever be enough. It’s time to do the inner work on your deep-seated beliefs about who you are and what your limits are as a person, partner, creative, etc. You are limitless, but if you don’t believe you are you will continue to hold yourself back. It’s time to face yourself, Taurus.

(May 21-June 21)

You may be experiencing complete transformation in the small details or in the big identities in your life, now. Either way, embrace exactly where you’re at. You will never be exactly where you are in your life, feeling the way you do now, with the people you are surrounded by now, in quite the same way, again. Practice gratitude for your current state and let the changes that come wash over you and inform you of what to do next. It’s not so much about thinking and planning as it is about moving with where the tide takes you, now.

(June 22-July 22)

Do your best to give people the benefit of the doubt, right now. You taking other people’s outbursts and projection of their insecurities personally will not do anyone any good. You have to be “the bigger person” right now. Learn how to hold a mirror up to people and their behaviour, and of course walk away when things get out of hand. Your current lesson is in letting things roll of your back and always coming back to center to find yourself and your power that no one else can take from you.

(July 23-Aug. 22)

Be very careful that you don’t let your schedules and commitments rule you, right now. Being “busy” has become somewhat of a badge of honor, but if the work isn’t bringing you joy or is not sustainable, what does it matter? Right now is all about quality over quantity and taking spontaneous breaks and rest periods as you need them. The more you let yourself get wrapped up on what’s next on the list instead of what feels best for you to invest in next, the less you will have left of you to give to what you think really matters. For now, you have all the permission to be picky and to say “no.” Practice it.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

It’s a great time to dig deeper into your creativity. Dedicate as much time and energy as you can to exploring this part of yourself in both new and old ways. Avoid comparing your journey with this to anyone else’s, or thinking that you need to exercise this muscle in a specific way or get certain results in a specific time frame. There is no need for competition or comparison. This practice is for you and you only. You don’t have to talk about it or share it if you don’t want to, but still do the work!

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Right now, all of your power will come from how much time and effort you put into recuperation; the time you spend replenishing your body, mind, and spirit, and how much emphasis you put on this vs. the work you do in the external world. Meet this test with as much grace and patience as you can. There is not really an objectively “right” way to regenerate, and you will have to listen to your body to find the best way for you. Let this task excite you and be open to what comes from it.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The worst move you could make, right now, is to try and separate yourself from others. The only thing that can come from putting yourself below or above anyone is more stress, pain and isolation. Do your best not to act out of insecurity, right now. All you have and all you are is enough. Make all of your decisions from this place of self-assurance and confidence and this period of time could change your life for the best.

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Act as if everything you do now will be set in stone; that you’ll have to answer for it and your reason for doing it for a long time to come. You often prefer to act and then consider the consequences, but that will get you into more trouble than usual, now. Get really deep into your practices of decision-making and intention-setting so that everything you do feels resonant with where you are heading and not just how you felt in a certain moment in time.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Think deeply about what it means to be you, right now, Capricorn. Who are you and what are your values? What makes you feel out-of-control and what do you do to regain it? These questions should help you to feel more stable and aware of why you feel and react the way you do, and give you more room to make a conscious choice in frantic moments instead of act on impulse. You have lots of power and influence at your disposal, now and always. It is important that you use it wisely.

(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

You will be most powerful when you are taking necessary time alone to contemplate and give your brain space to breathe. Avoid overworking yourself or hanging out with people just to avoid being by yourself. The more time you spend in solitude in places where you aren’t thinking about who you are and how you think you should act, the more inspiration and epiphanies about what you are supposed to be doing right now, and with whom, will find you.

(Feb.19-March 20)

It will be best to have a hands-off approach to the people around you and their problems, right now. Your inclination is always to help and give your best advice but for right now, ask as many questions as you can to help the people you love reflect and figure things out for themselves. Your energy will be best used when directed towards what can help a larger population of people, so be extra selective about how invested you get in individual people’s lives.

(March 21-April 19)

Try your best not to get caught up in the little details of what people say and how they act now. Instead, zoom out and see their overall patterns of behaviour and consistency. Everything is shifting and not everyone is as accustomed to this pace as you. Step up and be a leader as often as you can and feel comfortable enough to, right now. We need people like you, who stand strong in themselves and their vision, to guide the rest of us through this tumultuous time.