​tim noble directed fat white family’s latest awesome video

Whitest Boy On The Beach follows a strange military initiation that involves the band having their heads shaved and being washed with an octopus.

by Charlotte Gush
08 December 2015, 3:20pm

South London sleaze rockers Fat White Family have just released the latest in their oeuvre of awesome videos, for Whitest Boy On The Beach, the first single from their upcoming sophomore Songs for Our Mothers, which is out next month.

The video sees the Fat Whites trussed up like a punk anarchist militia, skin paler than the white cliffs of Dover that rise up behind them. In some sort of strange military initiation, band members have their heads shaved (so far, so standard), before kneeling naked and being washed with what looks like a dead octopus.

The film was directed by artist Tim Noble, photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke and Rob Hawkins, the team who previously directed the creepy VCR lyrics video -- with added pigs head and adult baby in a bed of hay shenanigans -- for The Drones, which they shared just before last Christmas -- so festive!

The Songs For Our Mothers album is out on the band's own Without Consent label on 22 January 2016, and they have announced a UK tour starting in Birmingham on 20 February, taking in nine other cities across the country before ending in London on 9 March.


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