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Cop yourself Vetements's cheapest tee yet.

by Georgie Wright
02 June 2017, 10:41pm

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Campaign of the Week: Karen Walker and Connan Mockasin
Karen Walker is the undisputed kween of putting her eyewear on fun subjects for even more fun campaigns. She's put them on kids, cute kids, not the nose-picking-ARE-WE-THERE-YET-shrieking kids we once were. She's put them on not a regular grandmom, but a cool grandmom (or five). She's even put them on dogs, because if the internet has taught us anything, it's that dogs are the best and could probably sell their own crap if they wanted.

So what next? Eyewear on cofveve?! No, but near enough -- eyewear on Connan! Connan Mockasin. Connan Mockasin with a bleach blonde bob. Connan Mockasin with a bleach blonde bob and bird on his head. Because why not? The campaign is called Monumental, after all, and is inspired by monumental men like Julius Caesar and Lord Nelson and their feathered headgear. It's Karen's first actual mens' eyewear campaign, but let's be honest -- there's no reason the ladies can't enjoy a bit of bird on the side too. So get yourself a pair, lather up in some birdseed, and be the Monumental lords and ladies you are this summer.

And pray nothing shits on your head.

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Bargain of the Week: Vetements Entry Level T-Shirt
Vetements have just released an "Entry-Level" T-shirt at the Entry Level price of US$175 in a bid to target the youth whose taste they speak to but whose bank balances they don't. So, most of us. Let's be honest, US$175 is still pretty 'spenny for an almost plain white tee -- but it's a far cry better than the US$585 their other almost plain white tees go for. And just like that fat old L plate you slap on your car when you're learning to drive, the tees have the brand's name plastered all over the back so that everyone knows you're wearing Vetements. Entry Level Vetements.

Or you could just get a job at DHL for the uniform, whatevs.

Unsurprising Surprising News of the Week: Rains are suing Zara
A high street store is being sued by a non high street store for ripping off its designs. Unsurprising in that 99.99% of fast fashion is pretty much wrenched from the runway and recreated with dodgy fabric and a dodgy fit and is made in a sweatshop. Surprising in that most of the original designers don't have the guts (read: money) to take on the high street behemoths. But Danish brand RAINS aren't letting their little guy status stop them suing Zara (and its parent company Inditex) for replicating their staple raincoat. I mean, I'm no lawyer, but I'm also not blind and as far as copycats go -- the two are almost as identical as sloths and chocolate croissants.

Busiest Brand of the Week: Adidas
Lots of Adidas news this week, as the brand seeks to ensure that this summer, the footwear we're all wearing is Adidas and only Adidas because all day I dream about sport Adidas.

Firstly, your second favourite stripey brand (the first being Red Stripe, obvs) have just released the Gazelle in fresh lemon and lime and all white and all black shades so you can walk around like the citrus fruit or monochrome goth you've always aspired to be. But hopefully less sour, on both counts.

They've also just released the new campaign for their Campus shoe, featuring sk8rb0i Blondey McCoy being cool and wearing streetwear and all the other things sk8rb0is are good at. Arguably more breaking news than Blondey in a footwear campaign? Blondey on the tube. As the sk8r's m8 said in his Insta story, "I didn't even notice the poster at first, I just thought -- what the fuck are you doing on the underground."

Well, looks like he'll be stuck down there for a bit yet. Literally.

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Collaboration of the Week: Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo
Karl Lagerfeld is collaborating with Australian brand ModelCo on a makeup line, the theme of which will be "illuminated beauty". Lit.

Apparently it will also be all the good buzzwords like "collectable" and "innovative", but it's not out until 2018 so it remains to be seen what this actually means. Will the "innovative" be a bottle of bleach that turns your hair into a chic silver pony and not the Trump 'tan' tinged home job you botched last week? Will the "collectable" be a pair of his famous black shades? Hopefully, because then my mismatched eyeliner will look the best it ever has. Because it won't be seen.

I guess only time will time. Until then, we'll just have to scroll through Choupette's Instagram in anticipation of being pampered as well as her by Uncle Karl.


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