two buck books is the charity making reading cheap and chic

The literary minded non-profit launches in Melbourne with signed copies of Bret Easton Ellis' cult classics, available for just 'two bucks'.

by Courtney DeWitt
29 June 2015, 3:25pm

Two Buck Books is a refreshingly simple charity: they collect your unwanted books, sell them for two bucks and give all the money to a different charity every month.  

The first permanent 'Two Buck Book' store launches this Wednesday in Melbourne with all proceeds throughout July going to St Vincent de Paul Soup Vans. In addition to obtaining a stack of noteworthy titles the charity's founder, Robbie Coleman, has asked some of i-D's favourite authors to donate their signatures to the books on offer. American literati bad boy, Bret Easton Ellis, kicks off July with inked copies of his cult classics Less Than Zero and American Psycho both up for grabs for the very democratic price of $2.00.

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Two Buck Books is set to 'open-source' the charity model by providing like-minded bars, cafes, retails spaces and offices with the opportunity to create their own store and help a local charity of their own choosing.


Two Buck Book launches Wednesday July 1st at Fancy Hank's BBQ Joint, 456 Queen St, Melbourne. 
*If you would like to donate books please drop them off from 10am-11pm every day at 456 Queen St and mention they're for Two Buck Books. Alternatively email and they'll arrange a more convenient time to come collect them from you.


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