thousands turn up to support gay marriage in sydney

It couldn't be any more clear that it's time for change in Australia.

by i-D Staff
11 August 2015, 9:52am

It's been a legal right in the England and Wales since 2014, and was approved by historic referendum in Ireland in May this year, with America following suit in June, but surprisingly it is still not legal for a same-sex couple to get married in Australia.

It's already crystal clear that the vast majority of Australians endorse equality in regards to same-sex marriage and yesterday's rally was just another convincing demonstration that immediate change is called for.

Thousands marched from from Sydney Town Hall to Oxford Street to highlight the fact that Australia is one of the few remaining countries where gay marriage remains illegal. Supporters understand that a bill to legalise same-sex marriage may be passed as early as Tuesday and a unified show of strength is the most effective way of letting the government know what they want. 

Model Ollie Henderson, who runs the politically motivated, not for profit label and art project House of Riot, is a strong supporter of cultural change in Australia and called out to her fans on Instagram to join the rally. As she eloquently put it, "The union of two people in marriage is about LOVE and love should be free for all." Let's hope the people are heard.