10 reasons why we love daisy ridley

Because, well, why not?

by Tish Weinstock
20 December 2015, 3:13am

With the whole world shining a spotlight on 23 year old Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the new Star Wars - you know the film that everyone, and I mean literally everyone, is talking about - we thought we'd get better acquainted with her. From what we can tell, she's smart, she's funny, and she doesn't seem to take shit from anybody. She's like the best friend you've always wanted. You digged her cameo role on Casualty, and you appreciated her one episode performance on Mr Selfridge, and now you want to be in her gang. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why we think she's great.

1. She dressed her godfather's dog up like Yoda, and now the dog has his very own Instagram account.

@daisyridley "YODA LIVES!!! #forcefriday BREAKING this dog now has an Instagram page! @dexterworwoodjohnson.


2. She started welling up when she saw a clip of Star Wars for the first time 


3. She likes watching Netflix, so she's obviously pretty chill.

@daisyridley "Honesty is key when filling out important forms"

4. She even loves The Great British Bake Off

@daisyridley "All of the finalists were amazing but I'm SO PLEASED Nadiya won #GBBO!!! Cried my eyes out!!! (to any non Brits GBBO is a brilliant baking programme and Nadiya was the sweetest contestant with some serious skillllzzzzzzz)

5. She has her very own stamp of approval.

@daisyridley "I'm a stamp!!! #starwars #theforceawakens #johnhashtaggedoctober20thsoimguessingthatswhentheseareavailable ... THANKS ROYAL MAIL THIS IS SO COOL!!!"

6. She doesn't take shit from anybody, so she'd definitely always have you're back if you got in a fight.


7. She's a fan of memes, especially when she's in one. So she's obviously quite jokes.

@daisyridley "Olaf on the Millennium Falcon and Rey as Belle and many more incredible Disney/Star Wars mash ups http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2015/10/05/disneyfication-star-wars-continues-force-awakens-mashup/"

8. She's very down to earth. I mean, who does serve bananas like this?

@daisyridley "When you ask for a banana and it gets served to you like this... #poshhotelzzzz"

9. She's not afraid to laugh at herself.

@daisyridley "What is wrong with me?! Who pulls faces like this on national TV?!"

10. She's got a great voice, and would make doing karaoke pretty lol.


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