Yung Lean is living out his beautiful, dark, twisted rap fantasy. At just 17, the Stockholm native is already touring Europe with his mates. Ahead of their headline London show, we shot and quizzed the Sad Boys and their crew.

18 November 2014, 9:20am


What's your name?

What's your age?
21 years young.

Where are you from?
Stockholm, born and raised.

What do you do?
A little bit of everything. Been working at VICE Magazine for a while, and as photographer. Doing some work at Revenue Label, head hunting new music talents.

What was the best night out of your life?
Can't think of any night in particular so I guess it hasn't happened yet. I've had a lot of good nights out with the boys during this tour though.

What track are you most hoping to hear when you're out?
Been listening nonstop to Snowmen with Xavier Wulf, Ecco2k and Bladee since it came out, so right now I guess it would be that one. Otherwise one of my all time favourites is It's A Dream with DJ Dean, but you don't hear that one too often when you're out, unfortunately.

What's your favourite radio show/ podcast/ mix?
Don't really listen to radio shows/ podcasts that much, but one I do listen to is Revenue Review on Radio Skanstull. Right now I listen a lot to mixes you can find on soundclouds like PC Music, Priztats, and Creamcake.

What's your Twitter or your Instagram if you have one?


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