the dalai lama, kanye and other glastonbury essentials

Pharrell played a song so good that the audience wanted to hear it twice, and Kanye forgot some words.

by i-D Staff and Isabelle Hellyer
30 June 2015, 11:45am

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Kanye West Forgot Some Lyrics and Remembered Others
Sure, he forgot the lyrics to 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' but Yeezy remembered the lyrics to 'All Day', a song that he actually wrote. That's probably more important anyway. And despite having his stage crashed by a rogue comedian, he kept it cool.

Patti Smith Brought out the Dalai Lam
It was his holiness' 80th birthday so naturally, Patti Smith and the Glastonbury crowd sang him Happy Birthday as he blew out the candles on a cake. He then complimented Patti's beautiful hair, and said he "should be more active." It was the sweetest thing ever.

The audience demanded Pharrell played a song twice
While he's not saving the oceans, he's writing hits. Pharrell's latest track, 'Freedom,' is so new there's not even a studio recording yet. The crowd liked 'Freedom' so much that Pharrell played it twice. He also got down and gave out some high-fives, because he's a man of the people.

Grandmaster Flash and Mary J. Blige played Uptown Funk
Mark Ronson couldn't get Bruno Mars to join him in performing their mega-hit 'Uptown Funk' but it barely mattered, because Grandmaster Flash and Mary J. Blige joined him instead. Quite the line-up.

Charli XCX striped back 'Boom Clap'
In one of two Glastonbury appearances, the i-D friend paired down 'Boom Clap' for the BBC. The up-beat banger still shines when synths are swapped out for traditional keys.

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