slumber session: joe hertz

Press play on pure dreamy vibes from Joe Hertz.

by James Hutchins and i-D Staff
27 January 2016, 10:59pm

This week's dreamy soundtrack comes elusive from London based producer Joe Hertz. He's remixed for the likes of Zak Abel, Years & Years, MØ and Diplo and last year released a string of his own productions that racked up millions of plays across the blogosphere. His addictive, woozy electronic r&b sound has seen him pick up big support from the likes BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Toddla T and Huw Stephens and with lots of music in the pipeline, we're looking forward to hearing more Joe Hertz on our airwaves. Letting us into his world with this Slumber Session, Joe takes i-D the through downtempo and dazzling electronic r&b and hip hop, through to smooth groove-laden house. Pure dreamy sunshine vibes await you. Press play.

The party's still going strong, but you want to call it a night. What track do you pop on when everyone's still raving and it's time to go to sleep?
Real Command by HVL. For me this track is the perfect transition towards the end of a set. It creates a blanket of warm dreaminess but is also deep and driving.

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
Back to mine for a session?

After a hectic tour schedule, you finally get home, what track do you put on to kick back and relax?
Dreams by 14? off the album Tribute To Jun. Not exactly sure who this elusive producer is! But he/she has created something fantastic which I listen to all the time to chill.

Do you ever fall asleep to music, and if so what do you play?
Honestly, not really. If music is playing I can't help but listen! If I had to, it would be something like Brian Eno - Music For Airports.

What's the best dream you've ever had?
I took my crappy car to get fixed at a local garage, at which point it was pretty set on being a nightmare.. But then it turned out Marvin Gaye was the mechanic and had a piano set up. We had a jam, it was amazing.

Who is the last person you kissed goodnight?
My Girlfriend.

You've caught each other's eye across a crowded dancefloor. What do you play to ensure things move from the box to the bedroom?
Louie Austen, Hoping (Herbert's High Dub)

Sleep is always the hardest to come by when you need it the most. What track is guaranteed to bring on the shut eye after a heavy weekend?
Anything by David Attenborough.

What track makes you want to cuddle up to the one you love?
Rhye, Open. Woman is a top snuggle album.

What song gets you out of bed in the morning?
Unfortunately it's The Boo Radleys, Wake Up Boo! My mum used to sing this to get my out of bed in the morning when I was a kid. It used to drive me insane. The chorus just plays over and over for eternity. Its happening as we speak.. argh!

What is the most relaxing track/ mix/ playlist in your collection? And what do you like to do when listening to i
Laid Back, Bakerman. If I'm not making tunes I'm probably baking bread to this on repeat.

Finish the sentence, the music sounds better with..


Stuck - Oshun
Tied Up - Joe Hertz Ft Huntar
Lotus - Koji
Caretaker (Ft. Sza) - D.R.A.M.
Aruarian Dance - Nujabes
心?"の扉 - Mariah
Hyuwee (Kosi Remix) - Session Victim
Bout It - Jmsn
Forgotten Notes - Hackman
The Cotton Club - Hamo
Who You Are - Kaasi
I Neva Seen - Galcher Lustwerk
She Got Natural Complexion Ft. Tenderlonious - Henry Wu
W.L.Y.B - Laurence Guy
Turning - Courus
Baby (Ft. Ravyn Lenae) - Monte Booker
On & On - Erykah Badu
Dreams - 14? 

Follow Joe Hertz on Soundcloud @joehertz


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