i-DJ: musumeci

The Sicilian techno star goes in deep.

by i-D Staff
21 June 2016, 11:35am

Elusive Sicilian born DJ, producer and label owner Mauro Di Martino (aka Musumeci) is certainly no stranger to the business, having been active since the late 80s and being a member of techno outfit Human Machine with Francesco Sorrentino, Simone Carpenzano and Paolo Lauretta. As Musumeci, his output continues to remain versatile in style, effortlessly weaving balearic touch with techno and deep house to craft tracks that have been championed far and wide by the biggest DJs in the game, from Dixon and Ame to Dettmann and Solumon.

Taking inspiration from the outer realms of Earth, his 2014 released Gemini Project LP was born out of Project Gemini, NASA's second ever human spaceflight program which supported the legendary Apollo. The experimental album became a real turning point in his career, putting him and his label Engrave Ltd on the map. His latest release comes in the form of the Foundation EP and sees him once again travel through interstellar space to craft another selection of experimental house and techno cuts. Now we welcome the man into the mix for i-D for his debut i-DJ. Delve into 61 minutes of pulsating house and techno bangers.

What are the top three tracks getting heavy rotation in your sets?
Human Machine, The Mule [Exit Strategy]
The Element, Morphius (Musumeci Remix) [Engrave Ltd]
Lehar, Fantasia [Diynamic]

What's the most hedonistic party you've ever been to?
I like to consider hedonism in club culture as the pleasure that comes from the music itself. For me it means to go and listen to the music I like in a place where I can feel good. So my answer is, more or less, all the Innervisions' Lost In A Moment parties I have been to.

What's the most phenomenal clubbing venue in the world and why?
I think it depends on what you name phenomenal. Personally I believe that the most impressive thing in a party is the energy and the attitude of the people. Of course sometime a special venue can influence and create a dream by itself. But like everything coming from outside your heart, this feeling can vanish in a moment so for me the most phenomenal clubbing venue is still anywhere that people meet to genuinely fall in love with music and enjoy partying together.

If you could go back to back with any DJ, at any venue, who would it be and why?
I've always dreamt to be a DJ in the seventies. So if I could use a time machine I would love to go back to those years and play for my mum and dad friends in their kind of really authentic clubs for dancers. Yeah maybe that kind of pioneering b2b like Tom and Bob at Baia Degli Angeli.

History is made at night... What was the best night of your life?
Back in the 93 DJing in Malta in one of those epic SIN parties, police came to stop the night and exactly at that moment it started to rain heavily. The MC shouted on the mic that was god crying for the end of the party and I played the last track in a mystical euphoria. It is crazy how the charm of a moment can create an indelible memory.

What's the most debauched thing you've ever seen on the dance floor?
Most of the time people involved in the making of the party are the craziest. I was playing in a kind of old castle and while i was DJing i saw the master of ceremony literally flying over the dancefloor riding one of those big chandeliers. He was wearing a piece of curtain as a cape and using the mic as a sword. It wasn't at all a prepared show, he was so high and he kept on doing the worst stuff all night long. At the end of the party we checked for him everywhere, he was sleeping on top of thousands of ice cubes coming out from the same machine that he has broken falling on top of it.

What's your favourite party anthem of all time?
Sister Sledge, Lost In Music.

What producer are you predicting big things for this year?
Who is going to break the rules first will win. Waiting at the moment to see this happening.

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
There is always an after party to go to. After the after party I just want to be back home with my family.

What track would you end the night on when everyone's still awake and its time to go to sleep?
When you have the chance to close a night, it's always a big responsibility. I do my best to leave people with a good memory and the song or melody that sticks in your mind going back home is the most important one. That's why my closing tracks folder is the biggest in my selection and it's so hard to give you an answer here. I can tell you one of my favourite closing tracks at the moment is Metro Area's Erodyne.

What's your party trick?
As a DJ the only party trick I know is to have fun as much as you would like to see people having fun on the dancefloor.

Finish the sentence, music sounds better with...
Passionate people!

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