the csm students who didn't make the cut stage a fashion rebellion

The 100+ students who didn’t have the chance to present their work hosted a guerrilla exhibition outside instead.

by Felicity Kinsella
05 June 2015, 11:15am

Whilst the 40 students selected to show in the CSM BA graduate show presented their work to press inside 1 Granary on Wednesday, those who weren't hosted a peaceful protest outside the college to show off the results of their own hard graft. Naming it #encorecsm, the students handed out flyers to press streaming out of the exits that read:

"Congratulating our 40 friends on the Press Show, we have come together to organise a student-run showcase of our work to represent the other 100+ students who were unable to show their work to the press. Our aim is for equal representation in support of current and future students on the BA Fashion Pathway. This is a positive message for students not to be discouraged with the university selection process, and a way for the public to see the diversity, hard work and talent of the whole year group together."

One student told CSM magazine 1Granary, "Everyone thought that the existence of a specific selection of students that separates our school was unfair. This disappointment motivated us to create a positive event that would unite us and could give everyone a chance to express their different aesthetics. Our aim was not to be confrontational or offensive to our friends in the press show. We were looking at a display of diversity and creativity that represents the spirit of an art school. It was a moment of solidarity for every student."

It was a pretty inspiring and vibrant exhibition that shows what can happen when people come together to encourage change.


Photography Anabel Navarro Llorens

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