video premiere: my panda shall fly, an angel ft. henry wu

Suren Senevirante + Rachel Noble = heaven

by i-D Staff
05 June 2015, 3:15pm

Take a trip through what is without a doubt our dream screensaver. Providing the visuals to the latest from Suren Senevirante aka My Panda Shall Fly, visual artist Rachel Noble has created a technicolour underwater kingdom full of swirling shapes and mystical sea creatures. Taken from MPSF's beautiful debut LP Too (out now on Berlin's Project:Mooncircle), the watery static throughout An Angel sits below the sunny tropical synths and makes the overall experience something truly magical. If this is what Rachel sees when she sleeps, we want what she's having. Enjoy!

"Suren sent me his album and I was lucky to be able to choose the track I wanted to work on visually. An Angel immediately stood out as my favourite, the most beautiful, and the one I could visualise fitting with something very fluid and hypnotising, which really excited me. We had been working on some visuals previously where I created all these shapes which looked like weird alien fruit or microscopic organisms, and we wanted to include them in this video. This gave me a loose idea about seeing angels in nature, like the way water might move, or the colours you see when light is refracted - little moments of awe. I wanted to create a beautiful fluid world that looked familiar but also fantastical and shimmering. I often work by building up layers of different moving textures, and so my process can take a while to create a scene that I am happy with. I have been trying to include more depth in my video work, as I am still making the transition from still image work to animation. My work often looks a lot more 3D than it actually is, and I often start with material that I have filmed or photographed myself, and use this to texture the planes and surfaces I create in my animation work. There is something about including the real world in digital work that does something more interesting visually for me. Like having real sunlight or water cut through these digital spaces" - @rachelkatenoble

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