another alexander mcqueen film is in development

It’s the third film dedicated to the fashion master that's currently in production.

by Felix Petty
07 February 2017, 6:15pm

If the idea of an Alexander McQueen biopic starring Jack O'Connell didn't get you excited, and another film exploring the muse-patron-collaborator relationship between the designer and Isabella Blow failed to sate your thirst for McQueen content, maybe a third film on the late, great, Lee McQueen will hit the spot?

Announced today, a documentary detailing the designer's life is apparently in the works. It's going to be directed by Ian Bonhote, who has mainly been working in advertising campaigns and music promos.

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"I moved to London from Paris in the 90s much in part because of McQueen," the director explained in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. "His sense of style became synonymous with the city's raw energy and edginess, and I know of no other contemporary designer to ignite such an immediate visceral response from an audience — it was so exhilarating!"

It won't be the first documentary made about the iconoclastic designer. The BBC made an hour long doc, McQueen and I, in 2011, after his untimely death, and previously in 1997, as part of The Works series, which documented his time as Creative Director of Givenchy. 

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Text Felix Petty
Photography Derrick Sanrini

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