for dai burger the world is a stage and a runway

The New York rapper, who's on her way to Australia to make us feel free, fab and fierce, made us a delicious playlist.

by Briony Wright
01 February 2017, 12:05am

Dai Burger is a writer, rapper, musician, dancer, stylist and bold voice from New York. She sings about boobs and butts, believing in yourself and having a good time with the kind of conviction that makes you want to do exactly as she says. Launching her career as a dancer for Lil Muma, it wasn't long before Dai was gaining followers, and the attention of the music industry, with a series of catchy, independent mix tapes including 2011's Raw Burger and 2014's In Ya' Mouf. In the time since she's collaborated, in various capacities, with a surprisingly wide variety of artists from Beyonce and Solange to Junglepussy, Kool Keith and Darq E Freaker, slathering each project with her style and colour.

Heading here later this week to play the Australian leg of Yo! Sissy, an annual Berlin festival celebrating queer culture, performers and their friends and encouraging us to 'dance together', we caught up with Dai for a dose of her positive vibes and a playlist of the songs she's feeling right now.

Welcome to Australia, we can't wait to see you perform. What's in store?
What you can expect from me is a mouth full of that YUM YUM! I'm bringing you my NYC Burger Style full throttle, and I'm ready to rip a stage near YOU!

Your music is laden with powerful messages. Do you like the idea that it's inspirational in that sense?
My goal is to always encourage people to be the best YOU possible. And I also encourage reaching for your dreams, no matter how big or small they seem. Every convo with me is half pep talk and I practice what I preach by being the best musician I can possibly be, always growing, always learning.

I think that really comes across. Of your own songs, do you have a favourite?
Secretly I have some early, unmastered, unreleased goodies from when I first started exploring as an artist and I must admit, some of those tunes are still HITS to me. Who knows, maybe one day I'll put em out. But Souffle is probably my fave video of them all, it really embodies and showcases who I am as an artist. Playful with a raunchy twist.

You write your own lyrics and seem to be heavily involved in the music videos, styling and choreography too. What are your favourite parts of the process?
I was voted Best Dancer and Best Dressed in my senior class in high school so I'd say school was a stage and a runway. Years later and here I am still treating the world as my stage and my runway. Some things never change, lol.

What did you grow up listening to?
TLC, SWV, Spice Girls, Toni Braxton, Missy Elliot, Original Destiny's Child, Brandy, Monica. I mean, you get it, lol. Super girly, super 90s, super awesome.

Your birthday is coming up, what are you planning to do this year?
Yes! Aquarius season! We truly are the wild card of the Zodiac. I'll be in L.A. this year for my birthday just hanging with some West Coast friends and going to a couple of concerts to enjoy!

Which designers are you feeling at the moment?
I truly don't have a fave. I just rock whatever catches my eye. If it fits, I'm wearing it. Even if it barely fits, still wearing it, lol.



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