giggs is back and he's still talking the hardest

Peckham's finest takes us on a day trip with first new single in four years.

by Hattie Collins
22 July 2016, 2:18am

Dominating British rap since 2008's Walk in da Park, Giggs has cut a polarising figure since his explosive breakout during that long, hot summer - if only with the Met. Though he's still not allowed to play in London, a lack of live story hasn't held the Peckham rapper back. A key figure who has influenced an entire generation of rappers, Hollowman has worked with everyone from JME to Skepta, Mike Skinner to Mark Ronson.

Taking a break since 2012's independently released When Will It Stop (which charted significantly higher than his XL backed Let 'Em Have It), Giggs returns in 2016 with Landlord, released once again via his own label, SN1 Records. Featuring the likes of Stormzy, Youngs Teflon, Tottenham's most awesomely morbid MC Casidead and grime original Donae'o, the enigmatic rapper's 14-track offering will no doubt be one of the most talked about of the year.

Preparing everyone for the album's August 5th release, today Giggs drops the video for the album's lead single, Whippin Excursion. A full two minutes and thirty two seconds of menace, Giggs pays homage to his past with this fully ominous offering. Flipping from the grit and grime of street life (Whites so clean, you know I'm flippin' that Persil) to referencing Virgil (the wrestler, not Abloh), the Black Panthers and Sampha, expect to hear Whippin Excursion on a south London car stereo near you all summer.

Watch the video, directed by GRM Daily's Post Diddy, below


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