what are your new year’s resolutions?

Over the past 12 months, the i-D team has had the honour of working some of the most exciting creatives in Australia and New Zealand. At the end of a big year, we asked them what they were planning for 2017, and invited them to share their favourite...

by i-D Staff
29 December 2016, 10:21pm

Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, Romance Was Born

"For 2017 we are starting the year with some new baby arrivals which we're excited about! And we look forward to growing our business more internationally with lots of travel! We pray that 2017 will bring peace and happiness for everyone. Xxx"

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Photography Thom Kerr for Laud Magazine, hair Iggy Rosales, make up Becca Gilmartin, Jenny wears her favourite scarf for the year 'Joy'.

Jenny Kee, designer and artist

"To continue to follow my spiritual life with even more passion and vigour and to apply that same passion and vigour to my art …. DHARMA ART"

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Jonno Revanche, writer and photographer

"To stop realising things and start actualising things, to do good things instead of trying to look like a "good person", and to move forward with poise and conscientiousness — as is my Capricorn destiny."

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"Spending a day with one of my most loved humans Natalia Parsonson at El Mirage and shooting," Cara. 

Cara Stricker, photographer and musician

"New Year's Resolution: Live beyond the walls of your reality."

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Photography Jo Duck

Amanda Cumming, co-designer of Pageant

"Swim more, stress less and train my dog to pick up my dirty socks and put them in the washing basket!"

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"This shot is of me and my friend Papu. It was taken in his house, he is a musician and a gypsy living in Pushkar (India). I went to visit him and we would play music together. I bought a wooden flute and we would jam with his family," Byron.

 Byron Spencer, photographer

"My new year's resolution is to spend more time near the ocean or in the bush making music."

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"This image was created by Parker Day in Los Angeles. I love it because I think it is a true masterpiece by a true artist," Chela.

Chela, musician

"My New Years resolutions for 2017 are —Start a badminton club, never buy plastic bottles and release my first record!"

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James Lowe, photographer

"I'm all for science in 2017. Save the scientists, save the world."

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Chloe Nour, photographer


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