desiigner has designed himself an emoji pack

Including several pandas, some wearing chains.

by Amy Campbell
26 August 2016, 5:45am

Image via @LifeOfDesiigner

In 2016, can you even call yourself a celebrity without a specialty set of mini-me emojis? Kim Kardashian, Future, Justin Bieber, Versace and Iris Apfel all come in ideogram form. And now Brooklyn-born rapper Desiigner wants in on the action. The Panda and Timmy Turner star has released a family of 60 different emojis, which includes cameos from rap-pals like Kanye, Yeezy and Pusha-T.

First up, yes, there are pandas, ten of them to be exact. As well as multiple incarnations of the rapper himself, all of whom wear different expressions that are said to represent the animated faces he pulls when spitting lyrics live. The emojis were created in partnership with Moji, and have been prefaced by Desiigner as being "next level." Well, who are we to argue?


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