rae sremmurd say 'fuck donald trump' and endorse bernie sanders

They've got a song about Trump, but that doesn't meant they're voting for him.

by i-D Staff
21 March 2016, 10:52pm

Rae Sremmurd have a track on their debut album titled Up Like Trump, but that doesn't mean they're fans of his anymore. They recorded the tune before the steak salesman and reality TV host began his run for president of the United States, and now that Donald is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee, they regret it. 

The brothers from Atlanta were halfway through playing the Trump track at SXSW before they cut it to denounce the man's presidential run. Swae Lee shouted "Fuck Donald Trump," and according to Patrick McDermott at the FADER, "the crowd roared back."

After the set wrapped up, Swae Lee clarified the pair's political stance backstage. "Man, [Trump's] a businessman, he shouldn't be trying to go into office with it. Leave that to the real politicians. Still get your money, but you don't need to put a negative influence in the world. People are already gullible. Don't lead them in the wrong direction. We're trying to see progress. Sremm life."

As Pat has it, Rae Sremm announced their political leanings were in the complete opposite direction to Trump's: "We're voting for Bernie Sanders." Let's hope we get an Up like Bernie cut soon. 


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