why does tinder always give australians exclusive new features?

Early access to the super-like: just one reason Australia truly is the lucky country.

by Hannah Butterworth
27 April 2016, 5:15am

If you're living in Australia and playing the dating game, get ready to level up. Tinder's chief executive Sean Rad has just announced Australians will be the first people to test run the new app features, because we're just so far away from the rest of the world. I guess when you're on the biggest island in the world, that's a no-brainer. So thanks Sean, I guess being Tinder guinea pigs is just another reason why Australia's been coined the lucky country.

In an interview with Cosmo editor Farrah Storr at Advertising Week Europe, Mr. Rad explained why Australia was the perfect petrie dish. "There's not a lot of science behind it. Australia is very far away from everywhere else, there's not a lot of cross-pollination," he said, "if you are going to leave Australia it's a big deal." Basically, if you test something in California, there's a chance those users will end up matching with someone from a state that doesn't have the same updates. In Australia, that isn't issue. 

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Okay, so we already knew there was a whole lotta water separating the island continent from the rest of the world, but what else? Tinder's head honcho later added that Aussies were also chosen because they're early adopters and more likely to test the new features before other worldly romantics. Thanks Sean!

Of all the upgrades to roll out across the Tinder-sphere, the most recent has been the app's super-like function, which lets users swipe upwards on somebody's profile to let them know that they're most definitely frothing over them on the other side of an iPhone. The Australian Bureau of Statistics is yet to release any figures reporting a rise in hook-up culture as of late, but if the CEO of Tinder thinks our swipe skills are world class, he's probably right.


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